Carpet Cleaning Wickford

Essex Carpet Cleaners - The right choice for your carpet! We at Essex Carpet Cleaners are proud to offer our professional services also in Wickford (postcode: SS11).

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Carpet Cleaners Wickford

Suggested by us professional service for carpet cleaning is not seasonal and is carried throughout the year. So you do not have to wait - when you decide you want we will visit you. Our company offers machine washable of rugs as cleaning can be in several versions according to the degree of pollution.

We offer:

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Carpet cleaning in your home
The hygiene in your home is a serious commitment that we will take responsibility.
Carpet cleaning in your office
We work fast, quiet and quality, so you do not need to stop the work of your office.
Upholstery cleaning
The cleaning is done on site, such as furniture can be used after a few hours.
Curtains cleaning
Easily deal with your dirty curtains. The health of you and your family is important to us so we work only with eco-friendly products.
The carpet is woven product made from textiles. The most commonly used material is wool, but you can find those of cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibers. To distinguish it from other types of flooring is sometimes called Persian carpet. Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner as often as possible, maintain the carpet longer fresh, but it can not remove all dirt and comes the moment you get down to carpet cleaning, to roll up it and give it for cleaning and then back it again at home. To save these efforts there is an easy way we are cleaning carpets on place with professional technique and quality products.
Carpet cleaning is performed depending on the intensity of use so that you yourself evaluate when to use this service.As a start, it is good to know what material is made to be able to more easily select and detergents. So you should pay attention when buying a carpet or other flooring what material is made. Trust the professionalists, call us!

Carpet Cleaning Prices in Wickford

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Property Type Price from £  
Single Bedroom from £ 20
Double bedroom from £ 25
Lounge/ Living room from £ 30
Bathroom/Toilet from £ 7
Hallway from £ 15
Stairs per flight from £ 20 - £25
Landing from £ 10
RUGs from £ 15 - £25

Uphosltery Cleaning Prices

Property Type Price from £  
Two-seated sofa from £ 35
Three-seated sofa from £ 40
Armchair from £ 20
Dining chair from from £ 5

Curtains Cleaning Prices

Property Type Price from £  
Short length from £ 25
Long length from £ 40

* £ 50 minimum charge applied

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