Carpet Cleaning Colchester

Great News - Essex Carpet Cleaners operating already in Colchester! We clean all floors quickly, easily and efficiently!

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Carpet Cleaners Colchester

We clean all floors quickly, easily and efficiently. We offer professional services of the highest quality performance at extremely low prices. Entrust your favorite rug on us and we will turn it into new. The cleanliness at home always talked a lot about the owners. You do not dare to invite guests at your home because of the dirty stained carpets. Enough, we will make your home shine! Essex Carpet Cleaners provide Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning and Curtain cleaning all over the Colchester area (postcode: CO4).

WHY you should be calm with us:

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  • Responsible for the tissue
  • We are conscientious and would not mislead our customers
  • Correct for used equipment and preparations
  • We are using eco-friendly cleaners, absolutely safety for you and your family
  • We respect the old and the new customers
  • Low prices corresponding to high quality
Is it difficult to clean is one of the issues that concern everyone decided to use carpet. Once mounted it is necessary daily be monitored for stains, dust and dirt. The more time passes, the more difficult it is the hygiene. When dust gets into the pores between the tissue it is impossible to be removed with a vacuum cleaner. In this case it is necessary to seek help from a specialist who is familiar with the matter. Cleaning with bad preparations and ignorance can lead to loss of integrity and change the colors. That’s why Essex Carpet Cleaners are ready to help you keep the flooring in your home clean and well aromatised.

Our services:

Carpet cleaning in your home
The hygiene in your home is a serious commitment that we will take responsibility.
Carpet cleaning in your office
We work fast, quiet and quality, so you do not need to stop the work of your office.
Upholstery cleaning
The cleaning is done on site, such as furniture can be used after a few hours.
Curtains cleaning
Easily deal with your dirty curtains. The health of you and your family is important to us so we work only with eco-friendly products.
Grab the phone and call us today. Save your home from dirty carpets and an unpleasant odor. Let the professionals take care of your comfort and coziness at home!

Carpet Cleaning Prices in Colchester

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Property Type Price from £  
Single Bedroom from £ 20
Double bedroom from £ 25
Lounge/ Living room from £ 30
Bathroom/Toilet from £ 7
Hallway from £ 15
Stairs per flight from £ 20 - £25
Landing from £ 10
RUGs from £ 15 - £25

Uphosltery Cleaning Prices

Property Type Price from £  
Two-seated sofa from £ 35
Three-seated sofa from £ 40
Armchair from £ 20
Dining chair from from £ 5

Curtains Cleaning Prices

Property Type Price from £  
Short length from £ 25
Long length from £ 40

* £ 50 minimum charge applied

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